Canadian recreational landscape of sports

If you are in Canada, you cannot go without being active in any of the sports of the country. No doubt, sports and recreation are synonyms for the Canadians. With a view to staying active, they make use of the recreation infrastructure and the sports alike. Be it ice arenas, curling rinks, skate parks, tennis court, Golf Club or the Skating pools or any other sports field would be buzzing with vibrant activity. (more…)

A simple guide to the Canadian sports categories

The sports and Canada are two inter-linked words and are inseparable. The country is a home for a variety of sports originating from the indigenous games ranging to the modern-day sports. Though the Lacrosse and hockey (ice hockey) have been declared as national games of ‘summer’ and ‘winter’ sports respectively, there are a host of other popular sports loved by the Canadians. You can classify them into Team Sports, Individual sports, Multi-sports events, and Amateur sports categories. (more…)