Canadian recreational landscape of sports

If you are in Canada, you cannot go without being active in any of the sports of the country. No doubt, sports and recreation are synonyms for the Canadians. With a view to staying active, they make use of the recreation infrastructure and the sports alike. Be it ice arenas, curling rinks, skate parks, tennis court, Golf Club or the Skating pools or any other sports field would be buzzing with vibrant activity. (more…)

Know everything about the FACE program of Petro-Canada

With a view to tapping a potential talent of the promising youth, necessary support in the form of financial funding is granted by the Canadian authorities through the Petro-Canada Fuelling Athlete and Coaching Excellence (FACE) Program. Every year, 50 deserving athletes and coaches are identified to receive a financial support of $5000. The Program started in the year 1988, has identified about 3000 athletes and coaches for support, and extended the financial support to an extent of $11,000,000. (more…)

Interested in knowing the popular sports of Canada?

There is no second opinion that Canada is a unique place with many features. Beginning with the climate, economic stability, and varied sports activities, Canada is one of the most sought-after countries for a majority. The State and the citizens have recognized that unity of a country lies in fostering the spectacular sports allowing an opportunity to display their prowess at both national and international levels. (more…)

Know the sustained growth of Canadian sports culture

When you rewind the history of Canada, you will find that there has been a rich and varied history of sports in the country. In fact, you can categorize the Canadian sport’s history into subsections from the Indigenous to the modern-day sports. In between the two extremes, you can identify organized competition, the establishment of national organizations, and growth of sports both in the amateur and professional categories. (more…)

A simple guide to the Canadian sports categories

The sports and Canada are two inter-linked words and are inseparable. The country is a home for a variety of sports originating from the indigenous games ranging to the modern-day sports. Though the Lacrosse and hockey (ice hockey) have been declared as national games of ‘summer’ and ‘winter’ sports respectively, there are a host of other popular sports loved by the Canadians. You can classify them into Team Sports, Individual sports, Multi-sports events, and Amateur sports categories. (more…)