Interested in knowing the popular sports of Canada

Interested in knowing the popular sports of Canada?

There is no second opinion that Canada is a unique place with many features. Beginning with the climate, economic stability, and varied sports activities, Canada is one of the most sought-after countries for a majority. The State and the citizens have recognized that unity of a country lies in fostering the spectacular sports allowing an opportunity to display their prowess at both national and international levels.

The indigenous native game Lacrosse has been declared as a national game for summer whereas the Hockey (Ice Hockey) occupies its position as a winter national game.

1. Lacrosse

The indigenous game originates from the 19th century and has been very popular since then among the people across the country. In fact, the popular game had recognition of the national game in the year 1859, which has relegated as the national sports for the summer season. During the year 1925, the Canadian Lacrosse Association conducts tournaments for the junior and senior championship. The Canadian team thwarted a winning dominance of the USA in the year 2006 after nearly three decades.

2. Hockey

The popularity of hockey (the modern ice hockey) has no distinction of the age of participation and is played throughout the year. You will find the representation of a hockey team for men at the Olympic tournaments through International Ice Hockey Federation. Within the country, you will find divisional and national championships for junior and senior sportsmen.

3. Football

The original rugby football has been developed into the gridiron Canadian football played by two teams of twelve players on each side. The main football event is Grey Cup when the substantial volume of audience glued to the TV sets in order not to miss any thrilling moment of the play. The football game is very popular among the schools and colleges alike. The Canadian Football League and Football Canada are the over-viewing bodies of a game.

4. Baseball

One of the oldest games popular in the country has its roots to multiple centuries. The Labatt Park in Ontario, which is regarded as the oldest baseball parks, is still in operation for the play. Though a major league is Toronto Blue Jays, there are other independent leagues, which represent at Can-Am League and at the American Association. If you are eager to learn more about this outstanding team, we recommend checking the infographic at CasinoValley, where you find interesting facts, history, and a list of notable players of the Toronto Blue Jays team. You will find participation of the Canadian team at the international events too.

5. Soccer

If you benchmark the participation as the criteria, the soccer grabs a position with about 3 million people in Canada. Across the 12 regions of a country, you can count close to 1500 soccer clubs under the governance of the Canadian Soccer Association. The Challenge Trophy and Jubilee Trophy are the National Championships for senior men and women respectively. The game is so popular that you can find U-18, 16 and 14 levels too.

In addition, special mention needs to be made of the Curling, Cricket, Rugby, Basket Ball, and Wrestling among the popular sports of the country.