If you're from the somewhere in the South, you could be forgiven for thinking Canadians only play one sport in the winter: hockey. Most Canadians tastes in winter sports are wide ranging. Here are some other sports you might participate in.


Curling is an indoor sport that even the most unskilled individual can give a shoot at. A game of skill and precision, curling is like a cross between skating and billiards.

Downhill Skiing

There are thousands of ski hills in Canada and a sizeable portion of the population learns to turn, stop, and race at a young age but it's easy for novices to get into.


Like a cross between surfing and skiing, snowboarders have a choice between downhill racing and performing tricks on ramps made of snow. It's most popular among the young.

Cross-Country Skiing

Aerobic exercise isn't just something you get from taking aerobics classes. Cross country skiing is also a great way to keep fit. Done on flat tracks with special skiis, cross country skiing is a fast way to travel overland on snow.

Dog Sledding

Though most of the work is done by the dogs, it takes training and skill to be able to direct a dozen work animals along a barely discernible trail through the wilderness. Dog sledding is a popular adventure vacation among tourists to the north.

Figure Skating

The artistry of dance combined with the dangers of ice skating - that's figure skating. With many disciplines from pairs to ice dancing to singles, it takes a lot of skill to figure skate properly. Those that master it have usually been taking lessons from an early age.

Speed Skating

If you're a decent skater and you're looking for a way to keep fit and distinguish yourself outside of regular skating, you might try speed skating, which is like competitive running but on ice. The technique is easier to learn than figure skating but only the very dedicated can break records.

Ice Fishing

This is another great sport for the out-of-shape, because it involves a lot of sitting and waiting for fish to bite. Usually done in a portable hut over a hole in the ice, there is some danger associated with the sport.


This is a great way to enjoy the outdoors without having to buy a lot of gear or be too fit starting out. With just a pair of snowshoes you can go on walks in the wilderness without breaking through the snow.

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