Playing sports is all about getting out of your work, office or school room and getting some exercise, but it's also about friendly competition, a sense of accomplishment, the chance to earn awards, and meeting new people. Nowhere in sports do these facets play hand in hand better than during a tournament. If you're new to sports, chances are you'll be asked to get involved in a tournament sooner or later. Here is a rough idea of what you can expect regardless of the sport or level of competition.


Tournaments are usually an excuse for teams to pack up their gear and go on a road trip. This helps to bond the team and give them something fun to look forward to. As a result you'll meet a lot of new people from your region or even from other provinces and countries if you're involved in a tournament. Just because you're officially competitors doesn't mean you can't also be friends, or enjoy all that your host city has to offer. Sometimes a tournament's agenda will include other activities outside the sport itself to promote friendly interaction between teams and team-building within teams - renting a dunk tank, for example, can be a great way to create a good vibe of competition.


Putting on a tournament requires a lot of time and energy. Often sponsors like a local business will contribute money or products and services to help run the tournament in exchange for advertising consideration. Tournaments are usually organized by a committee from a sporting organization and run by volunteers. These volunteers may be from the local sporting community or be family and friends of participants. If you don't play sports, this is your opportunity to get involved.

Time Commitment

Like a set of interlocking stones, if one piece falls out of a team during a tournament it can affect the team's cohesiveness and chances at winning. Therefore if you want to be involved in the tournament you should plan to have it occupy your full attention for the duration. Tournaments usually last for a single weekend, except for huge professional events, which can last a week or more. During this time your team will have to be your highest priority.

Possibility of Awards

Most of the reason that people and teams are enticed to leave to attend a tournament is the possibility of winning it. There will usually be trophies or medals awarded to the top finishing teams or participants in each category. Winning one gives a participant bragging rights and perhaps even the attention of a possible sponsor, so competition for these awards will be fierce.

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