The truth is, Canada isn't only about hockey. We're a country that just loves sports in general. All year round there are a wide range of sports being played by the young and young at heart. In the winter, there's ice hockey, curling, and figure skating, just to name a few. The main focus of this article, however, is summer sports. There are certain parts of the country where the outdoor weather during the summer is quite simply breathtaking that it would be criminal to not leave your home and partake in some sort of outdoor summer sport.

Whether you enjoy playing sports as part of a team or individually, there's a sport out there you can participate in during the summer months. Summer sports are very fun activities for Canadians as well as a great way to get exercise, stay in shape and become healthier. What more could you want from sports than that?

During the summer you can play outdoor football, tag or tackle, then there's also track and field, or pick-up basketball, volleyball, Frisbee, baseball, badminton, horse shoe throwing, ping pong, and tennis. As you can see those are a lot of outdoor sports you can do during the summer months. Why spend hours inside watching baseball on television when you can go outside and hit your very own home run?

You can also go for a nice leisurely stroll around your neighbourhood. If you need more physical activity than that and want to get really active once you're out of your house then you can go for a jog or a 5K run. You have a lot of options. Choose one or do them all!

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