Hockey might be the unofficial national sport of Canada, but soccer (or football as it's more commonly known) is the world's sport. It is played in over two hundred countries and the World Cup is seen as one of the most watched events in world sports. If you're living just about anywhere in the world you can find a team to love and follow. It can also be a great sport to get into no matter what age you are.

Soccer is a highly aerobic sport that requires coordination, strategy, and teamwork. It can be a great way to have some fun and stay in shape on the weekends or for young people to be a part of a group and challenge themselves. Because soccer is a team sport, you will need to find a league to join if you're going to get the full effect of playing. There are many different leagues for those playing at a variety of levels.

It will be simplest to find a league to join if you're encouraging your children to start playing soccer. Most cities of more than about 20,000 residents will have some sort of peewee or little league during the summer for soccer players starting at the age of three or four. If you're living in an urban centre, you might have several teams to choose from. If you're living in a smaller area than you might just have a couple of choices.

When you're choosing a soccer club you should think about what you'd like to get out of the experience. If you're just looking for something that has a few games a month that you can join for fun than you're going to want something very different from a teenager who's goal it is to play professionally someday. Look into the type of coach that you will be working with, how often they practice and play, and the caliber of the team.

If you're looking for a soccer team for a younger person than you might have the choice between a rec or a select league. With rec you don't have to try out for the team and might get a coach that is a parent, for example, who just likes the sport. With a select team it's more about developing the player's talents than just having fun. You will usually have to try out for the team and get accepted to play. Choose wisely which is right for your wants and needs.

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