When you were taking gym class in elementary school all those years ago there were likely some activities that you loved participating in and others that were just not your cup of tea. As you got older, you may have joined a community team or school squad in something you were good at for extra credit or to be around your friends. Now that you're working for a living you might not think that you have time to go out and throw a ball around on weekends. But there are great benefits to playing recreational sports no matter what your age.

The best benefit is of course physical health. Experts from all over the world working in health care are constantly telling us that we need at least thirty minutes of physical activity a day to stay healthy. And some people just don't like going to the gym and working away at weights or on a treadmill. Joining a recreational team is a great way to get you on a schedule with your exercise and keep you moving every practice or game.

If you've just transferred to a new job from an old job in another city than you may be looking for a way to meet others in your community. Joining a sport is a great way to become part of a group. You could take up mountain biking or running and just meet with some people who like taking part in the same activity each week or could become a member of a local volleyball league or baseball team. There might even be a sports team associated with your new workplace. For example, the team at Rental Rebate tell us that they schedule a bowling night once a week. It gets everyone active outside the office and is good for team spirit. This can also be something that a few people in your family do together.

Whether you're an busy executive or a stay-at-home parent there are sure to be some stresses in your life that you need a break from every once in a while. Many people find that when they are participating in an activity that they love they are able to forget about everything else and just play. Take a Saturday morning and head out to the links with some friends or join a hockey team that plays once a week in your area.

Lastly, playing sports is just good quality fun. Unless you're a outdoor photographer or work with children there are few times when you will have an excuse to just get dirty and have a good time. Everyone can likely find a sport out there that they can enjoy and if you haven't found one yet then it's certain there are a few you haven't tried.

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