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As you've probably read on our site already, lacrosse is considered to be the national sport of Canada. Who knows what that actually means, really. Ask any random five people in your neighbourhood what they consider to be Canada's national past time sport and all five of them will say hockey. It's just a given. Hockey is Canada. Canada is hockey. We grew up watching hockey. We grew playing hockey. One of the reasons why hockey is the favourite sport of most Canadians is that it can be played all year round, for the most part.

You can't lace up your lacrosse gloves and grab your lacrosse stick and head on out to the nearest outdoor field around your property in the middle of winter to play a game of lacrosse. The field conditions wouldn't allow it. Plus you'd probably be freezing cold. However, with hockey, it can be played all year round. Either indoors at an indoor rink or outside at a local rink or pond. Being able to play hockey during the dead of winter is one of the reasons why it's such a popular sport in Canada.

There aren't too many sports that allow you to play in the middle of December, during the freezing cold, with snow falling down. Those are perfect hockey conditions. Look around your community and there's probably an outdoor rink or pond made especially for hockey within a one block radius. Outdoor rinks or hockey ponds are a Canadian way of life. Just like maple syrup and the Canadian flag are staples of Canada, so is pond hockey.

Some families live more in the outskirts of town and aren't afforded the privilege of an outdoor rink. That doesn't stop them from enjoying the great game of hockey. How? They build their own backyard pond hockey rink. Hot chocolate is being made inside while the local neighbourhood kids are in the backyard playing some pond hockey. No matter the size of your backyard, you can make a pond hockey rink. It doesn't have to be regulation size. It just has to have enough skating room for the people on the ice to weave around with the puck.

There might not be an official pond hockey team in the NHL but there are 1000's of unofficial pond hockey teams all around Canada. Who knows, there might even be one near you that you don't know about. It might be time to do some investigating. Playing outdoor pond hockey with friends is a childhood memory you'll never forget.

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