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It seems that the new trend is towards getting one involved in all kinds of gym activities at an early age. It does not matter how young or old; it is the in thing today and on any given day, you will find that most local gyms are packed to the rafters with people doing their best to stay fit.

Gym classes are not the only thing that people are using in order to stay fit. Both men and women are playing more pick-up hockey all year round and Canadians especially would tell you that as Canada's most popular sporting game, they are only following the tradition. Ask any individual and they would readily tell you that most new residents to their city like to ensure that there are rinks in the area for both them and their kids to attend.

There is no doubt that Canadians are the most faithful and committed fans in the world. During any Stanley Cup series, you would be sure to hear the game being followed on TV, on the radio, and now through the Internet. Even those busy executives and CEOs find time to follow their favorite team.

Canada is very proud of the fact that hockey dominates the minds and hearts of its people. There are all kinds of hockey leagues across this vast country and many of the NHL's best players have found their feet through some of these esteemed leagues.

From Vancouver to Montreal and from Edmonton to Toronto, the sounds of sticks on pucks are ones that most of us welcome anytime and anywhere. It does not matter if you are relaxing on a beach or in a spa, or spending time with friends at an outdoor barbecue, at some point, the conversation almost always turns to the subject of hockey.

Ask any youngster and they can easily tell you who Wayne Gretzky is and even our Prime Minister is hockey savvy enough to be writing a book on hockey. So you see, hockey is for everyone. There is no other game in the world that can provide you with action as hockey can and there is not a Canadian team that does not dream of bringing home the Stanley cup.

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