If you've never skated before and you go to your local community centre and skating rinks and see people skating you might think that all skates are the same. You might see some kids playing hockey while other kids are figure skating. Not knowing any better, you assume that all skating is the same. If you were to play hockey in figure skates or figure skate in hockey skates you would likely get some strange looks.

Anyone that plays hockey or figure skates knows that the two sports are different. We'll give you benefit of the doubt if you're just starting out and don't know much about skating. You will quickly come to learn that the two are not similar. Learning to skate for playing hockey and learning to skate for figure skating are completely different. If you're planning with the intent of learning how to skate so you can play hockey you better come prepared with the right skates. You don't want to be the laughingstock of the ice rink.

It used to be that figure skating was for girls and hockey was for boys. Girls would wear white or pink skates while boys would wear black skates. That's how you knew the difference. The world has progressed since then. Now boys and girls play hockey, figure skate or do both. One sport isn't associated with one gender anymore. If you're thinking about learning how to skate in the hopes of playing hockey you might actually benefit from taking some figure skating lessons. Hear us out!

Figure skating is a sport based on finesse. If you want to play hockey and score a lot of goals, you're going to need the skills to outrace a lot of players and glide and zigzag through them. Figure skating can teach you the grace necessary to maneuver your way around the rink. Just make sure you get the proper skates. Your skating instructor will help you pick out the right skates.

Figure skating is also a lot of fun. Sure, you might not get to skate around the rink, pushing other people around, or shooting a hockey puck but you do get to learn a lot of cool moves. Figure skating is a precise sport. One that takes dedication to learn. It might also be more mentally challenging than hockey. If you're looking for a challenge on the ice then you might want to stick with figure skating over hockey. Or, don't forget, that you can also do both!

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