Every Canadian kid grows up wanting to play hockey for one of Canada's NHL teams. Whether they're a Toronto Maples Leafs, Montreal Canadiens, Vancouver Canucks, Edmonton Oilers, Calgary Flames or Ottawa Senators fan, they all have the same goal in mind. Luckily for them there are a lot of resources out there that allow them to follow their dreams. There aren't too many parents that don't have a nearby hockey arena in which they can take their kids to where they can teach them how to skate or shoot a hockey puck.

Try finding a hockey arena in Ontario using Arena Maps.

It's virtually unheard of in any Canadian city. Yet, sometimes some neighbourhoods aren't very close to a hockey rink or their home is located outside of city lines where they are situated far from public hockey rinks. If that's the case for you then don't let that discourage you from turning your kid into the next pro because there are other options out there you can turn to such as building your own backyard rinks.

If your home is not near any local outdoor or indoor hockey rinks then you can build your own by acquiring a backyard rink kit that enables you to create your very own backyard ice rink. You might think that building your own rink would be a lot of hard work but the kits that are available make the process very simple. The first thing you need to do when deciding which rink kit to buy is measuring the area in which the rink will be placed on. There are many different kits available that come in many different sizes.

For a DIY hockey rink there are some great instructions on Howtohockey.com.

All backyard rink kits that you buy for your home will include everything you need to build the ultimate backyard rink for your kids. These kits include materials such as sturdy and reliable frames, support skates, liners and liner anchors, perimeter rods, thermal rink covers, scrapers, snow pushers, red and blue lines, and portable ice resurfacers. All you need to build the best possible backyard ice rink comes in these kits that can be bought at your local hardware stores such as Canadian Tire or Home Hardware.

Just be forewarned that having a rink in your yard will make you the coolest hangout in the neighbourhood and all the neighbourhood kids will be knocking on your door to come skate on your rink, which we're sure you'll be fine with. Having a backyard rink allows you to watch your kids play hockey while at the same time developing their skills right in front of you in a safe, secure and private location.

An example of a backyard rink.

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